The training which is sponsored by the Lagos State Chapter of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations covers areas such as

1.Communication Psychology and Getting What You Want from People

2.Trends Analysis, Public Relations Policy, Planning & Strategy

3.Branding, Marketing, Advertising, and Provoking Viral Demand

4.Public Relations Theory & Practice for Sustainable Success

5.Communicating (and Using the Media) for Dramatic Results

6.Etiquette and International Business Grooming for Financial Security

7.Public Speaking, Political Communication, and Event Management

8.Communicating for Innovation and Successful Social Enterprise

9.Building Impactful Organizations and Flourishing Businesses

10.Development Communication and Social Engineering

The Programme is sponsored by the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations, Lagos State Chapter with support from JustEd, Finland for the benefit of Nigerian youths and the enhancement of the Nigerian education system. School leaders, Teachers, and secondary school students have already benefitted from the project which started on December 17, 2018 and is part of the Nigerian Education Enhancement Project (NEEP) which will end on September 30, 2019. The Employability and Professional Public Relations training for undergraduates and recent graduates in Nigeria is ongoing.

Lead Resource Persons for the Special Project:
Dr. Peter Ogudoro, Project Director (NEEP), NIPR (Lagos Chapter). His profile is available here.
Ida Hummelstedt-Djedou, Education Researcher, University of Helsinki, Finland

Some Specific Benefits of the Opportunity

1.     Save 2 years in the length of time it will take you to earn your professional credential. Through innovative training methods that have worked amazingly well in Finland, you will complete your professional training before the end of August, 2019.

2.     Get skills for immediate employment and business. Earn good income while you study.

3.     Build your international network and travel around the world with ease.

4.     Learn how to write Personal Statements and Proposals for Scholarships, Financial aid, Postgraduate admission, Internship, Fellowships Abroad, Grants, and Loans for projects.

5.     Learn how to promote Educational Institutions and other businesses.

6.     Learn how to lead life of significance.

7.     Learn how to study to guarantee Excellent grades.

8.     Access Soft Skills and become a high net worth Person.

The programme caters for both graduates and non graduates. Graduates use it to solve the problem of unemployment or underemployment. Those aspiring to go for postgraduate programmes learn how to make successful applications for scholarships and PhD admissions abroad. They also learn how to earn money while doing their programmes so they can assist their parents to pay their fees in the institutions where they are students. It assists both graduates and non graduates to lead lives of significance and achieve financial security. The programme has been designed to help all tertiary institutions students no matter their discipline or year of study.

The programme will help you do well in life and lift your family out of financial insecurity. You and your parents and siblings deserve a break from precarious living. All the collaborating organizations and institutions (including NIPR, Lagos State Chapter, Eucharia Help Foundation, SMARTCAREERS, JustEd, and LASU) are working hard to help you achieve this.

It is our hope that you will use the blessings of the programme to bless others. You won't lose anything by sharing this information with your friends so you can succeed together. We want to help as many young people as possible and depend on your sharing this information to reach your course mates. You are being blessed to bless others. Successful participation in this programme will put you and your friends in the top 1% of Nigerians in terms of financial security and enable you to join a global elite group of Innovators, Social Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Influencers. 

Fee, Registration, and Bank Account Details:

The fee payable for the programme is only N20, 000 plus an initial enrollment form fee of N2000. The standard fee for the training is N350, 000 but undergraduates and recent graduates are permitted to undergo the training at this highly subsidized fee of N20, 000. N330, 000 of your fee has been paid by a group of organizations sponsoring the programme. The enrollment form fee and tuition fee can be paid either together (a total of N22, 000) or separately depending on what is convenient for you provided you make your full payment latest July 1, 2019. You will recover the token amount you are paying for the programme within one week of starting the training through the part-time employment available to all participants. Students applying to receive the training after August, 2019 will pay the standard fee. To guarantee a space for yourself, make payment and book for your space at  All payments should be made into First Bank of Nigeria account number 2000658144 in favour of Nigerian Institute of Public Relations, Lagos State Chapter. It is important you retain your proof of payment so you can show it on demand. Please call 08023249654 if you need any special help.

Classes Start:
Saturday, July 6, 2019. The classes will hold on Saturdays and last 8 weekends. This is the popular day for the programme. Over 9 out of every 10 applicants for the programme selected this option. The Sundays and weekdays options were rejected by most prospects for the programme. All students who have registered for the programme will therefore receive their training on Saturdays. Call 08023249654 if you have any question on this.
The venue is School of Communication (Lecture Hall1- Ground Floor), Lagos State University, Ojo, Lagos. Class joining details are at
Book for your Space Here after making payment for the Public Relations programme (it takes only one minute).

For Inquiries
Call the Project Director, Students Employability Programme, NIPR, Lagos State Chapter
(Dr. Peter Ogudoro) on 08023249654 if you need any special help or speak with Mr Jacob Adeoye, Department of Public Relations & Advertising, School of Communication, LASU, Ojo, Lagos or Speak with Professor Rotimi Olatunji, Dean, School of Communication, LASU, Ojo, Lagos.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. My academic Major is not Public Relations or Communication but I desire to acquire the knowledge and skills the programme will offer. Can I register?

Yes. The skills and opportunities the programme will offer are needed for success and excellence in all fields including Medicine, Engineering, Arts & Humanities, Physical Sciences, and Social Sciences. The training will make you globally competitive and set you positively apart from your professional colleagues. You will start earning income while undergoing the programme if you take advantage of the numerous opportunities the programme will put at your disposal. The programme should be of particular interest to you if you are seeking avenues to lift your family out of financial insecurity, rise meteorically in your chosen profession or start and run a flourishing business. The programme will also provide you study skills so you are able to finish well in your academic problem.

2. Can I make a bank transfer for payment of my fees?

Yes. Just ensure that your name is in the transfer details. Note the date and time of the transfer. Take a screen shot of the “Transfer Successful” text message you will receive from your bank if you have a smart phone. We will reconcile it with our bank statement.

3.  Can another person pay for me?

Yes. Just ensure that the person specifies your name as the “Depositor”. If what is convenient for you is a bank transfer, your name, and date & time of the transfer should be noted. The person making the payment for you should take a screen shot of the “Transfer Successful” text message received from his/her bank if the person has a smart phone and find a way to let you have it. We will reconcile it with our bank statement.

4. I’m not studying at LASU but would want to take advantage of this opportunity. Can I pay and join the class?

Yes, provided you are a current student of a university, polytechnic, monotechnic or College of Education in Nigeria or you graduated from a tertiary institution in Nigeria within the last one year.

5.     I’m currently studying on part time in a tertiary institution in Nigeria. Can I pay the required fees and join the class?

Yes, provided you have a document that can prove that you are currently a part time student in a tertiary institution in Nigeria.

6.  I’m not an undergraduate or a recent graduate but would want to receive the training. Am I welcome?

Yes. Visit for your programme dates and venue. You need to have a minimum of 5 O’ Level credits including in English Language to enrol.

7. Can I make payment for the programme and only write the exam without receiving the training?

No. participation in the training is compulsory and attracts 33% of the marks available. Full mark on this criterion goes to a beneficiary who attends all the sessions. Our primary objective is to help you acquire the knowledge, skills, and professional values you need to rise meteorically in your career and serve your community optimally. We do not have evidence that supports the belief that this is achievable without participation in all the elements of the training programme.

8. Will there be award for Outstanding Performance?

Yes. Awards for 1. Excellent Academic Performance, 2. Demonstration of Leadership, 3. Demonstration of Creativity & Innovation, 4. Demonstration of Community Service, and 5. Demonstration of Exemplary Conduct are available.

9. Can I receive my training at a location other than Lagos?

Yes, if you are happy to wait until year 2020 or beyond. We will run programmes in Abuja and PortHarcourt in year 2020. More locations will be served when our sponsors increase their financial support for the project.

10. Can I pay and register for the training after July 1?

Yes, if you call the Project Director on 08023249654 and confirm that there is still space. All students who pay and register latest July 1 will be accepted.

11. Will I after I have paid the N22, 000 be required to pay another fee as a condition for writing the end of programme examination scheduled for August 31?

No. You will write your exam and have your result communicated to you by September 14 if you have paid the highly subsidized fee of N22, 000. You will be presented to the Lagos State Chapter of our Institute on October 3 if you pass your exam so you can join our professional network to boost your career chances. A formal and colourful induction ceremony will be arranged for all the beneficiaries of this Special Employability Project. That will be a public event to which you will be given two tickets for your personal guests. We expect them to be your parents but the choice is yours to make. Our Chapter (with the help of our sponsors) is committed to helping you grow professionally and will subsidize your induction. Your token contribution will not be more than N10, 000. You do not need this money immediately but it will be prudent on your part to keep it in a savings account if you have it now. You will be given details of the induction when we are communicating your result to you. We are doing our best to ensure that your induction holds before this year ends so that it contributes to your career progression. You and your course mates will manage the induction event under the supervision of experienced professionals. It is our hope that the opportunities coming to you through this programme will motivate you to be a blessing to other people in your community. Start now by ensuring that you let your friends and course mates know about this unique opportunity.

12. Can I maintain a relationship with the resource persons beyond the training period?

Yes. Most of them are easily accessible. The project Director (Dr. Peter Ogudoro) is available for life-time friendship that will guarantee you accelerated career progression at no extra cost to you. Join his global networks at Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

13. I have a question that I have not found answer for. What should I do?

The answer to your question might have been answered somewhere on this page. Be sure you have read everything this page contains. If you still believe that the answer to your question has not been provided, call the Project Direct (Dr. Peter Ogudoro) on 08023249654 and ask him your question.

14. Can I share this information with my friends?

Yes. We want as many young Nigerians as possible to benefit from this opportunity so they can contribute to the accelerated development of the country and lift their families out of financial insecurity.