You need to study all the points listed here and implement them faithfully to get what you want. Individually, they are mere elements but when you use them collectively, you have a system that delivers excellent results. That's the meaning of synergy (the value of the whole is greater than the sum of the parts). The digital copies of books that provide the details of the issues raised here are available at Amazon. They are Right Thinking Right Actions, and Success Mindset.

1.      Commit to commercial awareness and appreciating situations and developments both within and outside the country.

2.      Monitor public media (operated by the government of your country) in addition to the other local media and also be aware of what is going on internationally. Governments create a lot of opportunities even though they also can create pain and most of those opportunities are announced through the media they own. So don’t allow the evils they do prevent you from seeing those opportunities they create.

3.      Invest in developing a rich network.  – Get to know people you meet everyday in terms of what they do and where they do it. Join a class that focuses on how to mine your contacts.

4.      Be willing to use other people’s resources provided you don’t step out of legitimate routes.

5.      Commit to honouring your obligations and keeping your promises. Even those who cheat and don't mean what they say still prefer to deal with those who mean what they say and can be trusted. In the long run, men and women of integrity secure victory and are celebrated. Don't be discouraged by the patience required to wait for the gains of integrity. Do a painstaking research of people into advanced fee fraud (419) and the result will confirm that their joys don't last. They tend to cry in the midst of plenty that seldom lasts. Prefer to move from grass to grace and achieve a life of significance and legacy that makes a world of difference. Learn entrepreneurship that will make the journey easy. Visit to sign up for the acquisition of world-class skills that will guarantee you a life of abundance and honour.

6.      Go after the opportunities in the internet especially via LinkedIn and websites relevant to your organisation both within and outside the country

7.      Determine an aspect of your profession that you want to be known for, acquire specialist knowledge in the area and promote yourself accordingly.

8.      Be careful about how you manage your relationships including the ones in the office, your community, your family and your friends.

9.      Recognize that you have a right to do things differently from what currently applies to most people in the society provided you are not violating any law and you are not offending godliness. You can actually campaign for the abrogation of a law that is standing in your way to success. If your motives are noble, you will be amazed to discover that most people in society including the law makers will line up behind you. They were waiting for somebody to start the process.

10. Commit to life-long learning-Making sure that you seek opportunities to study something of interest in an institution outside your continent. Books have an amazing power to liberate people from the poor thinking that prevents wealth accumulation. When you use them in combination with Public Relations skills that enable you to make your contacts count, life suddenly becomes interesting and you can effectively occupy the driver's seat, get out of debt, and be in control of your time. Right Thinking Right Actions and Success Mindset are among the ones you can read now and watch all your worries disappear after you have implemented the ideas in them faithfully.

11. Commit to regular visits to other countries and avoid limiting yourself to familiar environments when you travel. Your comfort zone is your conquered territory. Its capacity to add value to you is very limited.

12. Commit to asking questions- Remember the proverb that makes the point that those who seek direction from people do not miss their destination. Do, however, ask the informed, making sure you do not confuse ‘informed’ with ‘highly certificated’.

13. Invest in your health including by way of eating right – avoid fast foods, sugar based synthetic products and alcohol. Only the living can dream dreams and pursue them. Poor health robs the affected of energy and takes away the funds that can fix problems and advance your cause.

14. Learn to be cool, calm and collected no matter the situation. If you consistently do the right things and have the right beliefs, all things will work together for your own good. Remember that many opportunities come in the forms of problems.

15. Listen to your environment and work on any observation that may be denying you of opportunities e.g. friendships. Review your style if every body around you is complaining about it. Insisting on your way when it is denying you of friends and opportunities may amount to self sabotage; but don’t compromise on issues of integrity even if you are standing alone.

16. Do not look down on people. The messenger or mail runner in your office may be the source of your breakthrough and can answer the most difficult question on your mind.

17. Run your life in such a way that stress is avoided. Let others do things for you (Delegate but don’t abdicate accountability- read up on this so that you do it properly).

18. Do not let your mistakes prevent you from moving forward. Learn from them and by all means, take the next step. Many mistakes have brought advancement and good news.

19. Leave a legacy e.g. by mentoring the younger generation. They may even be your saving grace when you are handicapped in your old age or as a result of an accident.

20. Invest in diverse projects including other people and moderate your tendency to acquire liabilities- Commit to giving a monthly allowance to an indigent student and don’t be discouraged by those who won’t remember that you contributed to their rise to glory. The benefits of what you have done may come indirectly. Ensure you don’t wait until you have solved all your problems and become materially comfortable before you tread on this road. Starting on this noble road while you are still struggling with your own problems may provide the short cut to your own breakthrough; but don’t compromise your own health and development while trying to help others.

21. Be a responsible member of your community.

22. Hope for the Best but prepare for the Worst.

23. Be conscious of the fact that problems do not finish. The more successful you become, the more problems you may have to confront; but interpret them as challenges and opportunities to be harnessed and stepping stones to the attainment of greater heights.

24. Read healthy books and do so, voraciously. The answers to those difficult questions you are asking now are most probably in the books you have not read. This "book" principle is repeated here for emphasis. Many helpful ideas in books are not taught in schools.

25. Acquire Communication, Public Relations and Marketing skills and get certified in them. This will help you learn how to promote your business and find the job that will give you fulfillment. Common sense is not enough. Professional training in this area will help you know where the right jobs and business opportunities for you are and equip you with the skills for mining your opportunities. You will be amazed at the instant success you will achieve. Visit now to learn how you can acquire those skills in only 4 weekends or 9 days of full-time study (the window closes soon). You need the skills no matter your specialism. You will find people from diverse walks of life in a typical class meaning that you will be joining a rich network that will give you what you want and more in a short time. This way, you work smart; not just hard. If you are targeting a marketing career with a multinational corporation or you want to set up a successful business with a global outlook, you will need to complement your technical skills with marketing know-how. That class will also enable you to make the right moves on this.

26. Determine your Calling and pursue it with passion. Remain faithful to it even when it appears to be taking too long to bring financial rewards. See a career strategist if you do not have a clear idea of what your calling is. Peter Ogudoro will be happy to give you free counsel. Contact him. 

27. Keep away from people who discourage you with negative comments and who see only why your goals are not realizable; but distinguish them from those who have the courage to criticize you constructively (you need such people so you can avoid wastage).

28. Avoid taking decisions and actions and making comments when you are angry. This way, you avoid wrong steps which you invoke defense mechanisms to justify. Don't let anger waste your opportunities and diminish your wealth as well as make you lose people who can help you attain your goals fast.

29. Make few children so you can give them the best possible. There is no scientific evidence to support the position that your life satisfaction will rise with increase in the number of children you make; but evidence abounds to prove that your challenges will increase with every additional child you make. The fewer the merrier when it comes to children no matter their gender. A tree can make a forest when children who get the best care possible are concerned.

30. Start with whatever you have. The perfect day to start may never arrive. Rome was truly not built in a day. You will learn from your mistakes and improve. History is yet to record any human being who attained great heights in life without them. Mistakes are part and parcel of the process of advancement. They are opportunities waiting to be harnessed if interpreted correctly. so start now.

31. Deal with the "I don't have money" excuse. Aside from procrastination, this excuse is the biggest dream killer. Many people are stuck in jobs , businesses and other situations they don't like because they act in line with the wrong belief that they lack the means to go after the things they have passion for. The man whose profile you will find at comes from a lowly background but is today inspiring people across the world having acquired world-class skills in the area of innovation. He didn't have money too but is moving on having discovered that the world tends to cooperate with people who go after skills with what they have. Somehow, the difference gets fixed. Information and skill gaps are effective barriers to prosperity. When graduates of tertiary institutions insist on getting jobs before going after skill, they place the cart before the horse and prolong their days in the kingdom of poverty. Training in Public Relations will give you the opportunity to acquire the road map that guarantees a pleasurable journey to a fulfilled life. An accelerated 9 day class is available. The class which ordinarily will cost you millions of naira can be accessed at the the cost indicated because it's being supported by Ogudoro Leadership Trainers & Management Consultants who are career strategists, innovation promoters and development communicators. To guarantee a space for your self, learn the details here. Abraham Lincoln got it right when he observed that "things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle." Martin Luther King conveyed a similar truth when he indicated that "he who starts behind in the race of life must forever remain behind or run faster than the man in front." What accounts for the difference between where you are now and where you should be is the information you don't have. Participate in the programme and see how well-researched information will show you the way to find your desired job and equip you with the skills to achieve a meteoric rise in whatever career you choose. The programme will not only give you fish but also show you how to fish. Over 99% of the jobs you are seeking are not advertised in the mass media. They are in the 'Hidden Job Market'. Training for the right skills and network will help you to discover the market and end your membership of the unemployment club. Life shouldn't be as difficult as it appears.

32. Avoid procrastination. It has a large capacity to waste opportunities. You can for example visit now, join the class and mine the incredible opportunities you will find there. This opportunity makes the journey of life systematic, pleasurable, and fulfilling. Ngugi Wa Thiongo made the point that you cannot justify a situation where you remain in a hole when you can get yourself out of it.

The foregoing tips were developed in Nigeria by participants in the first batch of Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR) Accelerated Certification Training programme  through the inspiration provided by Peter Ogudoro, the Programme Administrator who holds the copy right for the Tips.

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