Young Scholars' Boot-Camp.







1. The Project
This is a special project meant to help the next generation of Public and Private Sector Leaders and scholars in Nigeria  access high quality professional training in Business Management, Entrepreneurship, and Global Citizenship to enable them realize their potentials and contribute optimally to the building of their communities. Dr Peter Ogudoro, a UK-based Educationist and Development Communication Consultant will be available in Nigeria in 2018 to lead the faculty that will prepare the beneficiaries of the programme for the task ahead of them in a rapidly changing globalized environment. With a PhD in Education and specializing in Perception Management, Attitudinal Change Engineering, Development Communication, and Career Positioning, Dr Ogudoro will help the next generation of Professional Managers in Nigeria learn the ropes and become globally competitive in a record time. This will help the beneficiaries flourish and get ahead of their peers in an increasingly challenging economic climate.

Talented graduates and undergraduates as well as hard-working higher education aspirants with relevant aptitudes will get 72% scholarship to enable them participate and acquire the 21st century skills that will separate them from the crowd for guaranteed employment, entrepreneurship opportunities, and scholarship for postgraduate studies both within and outside Nigeria. The beneficiaries of the scholarship scheme will be trained at a boot-camp under the guidance of established experts and employers of graduates of tertiary institutions. The alternative class which offers the same training costs about 4 times more.

2. The Programme

This is an accelerated training programme lasting 7 intensive classroom days. The alternative classes are

1. April 21-29, 2018 (Full Time)

2. April 21-May 13, 2018 (Weekends Only)

The training will prepare the participants for Professional Business Management and Public Relations practice and put them on a global network that will accelerate their careers. The training will cover the curriculum for a relevant Professional Certification examination which the beneficiaries can choose to write after the training to enable them obtain practice licenses which the law, employers, and clients now generally insist on. Register here for the programme. The training will cover areas such as

1. Communication Psychology covering the bases of human behaviour and persuasion principles

2.Trends Analysis, Public Relations Policy, Planning & Strategy covering Global Best Practice in Business Management

3.Branding, 21st Century Marketing & Advertising covering the Mechanics and Principles of Product/Service Promotion and Reputation/Image Management

4.Public Relations Theory & Practice covering Public Relations Practice in Government, Commercial Organizations, and Non-Commercial Organizations

5. Communicating (and Using the Media) for Dramatic Results covering Speech Writing and Presentation as well as how to prepare various Media tools such as Press Release, Media Statement, Personality/Organization's Profile, Rejoinder, and Research/Public Relations/Communication/Political Campaign Proposal.

6.Etiquette and International Business Grooming covering how to find partners and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with (technical) partners in other countries

7.Events, Issues and Crisis Management at domestic and international levels

8. Research, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship covering how to conceptualize, start and run a flourishing and sustainable commercial or social enterprise

9. Self Management for fast career progression, personality balance, and global competitiveness with opportunity to develop a responsive career plan and acquire the tools for scientific approach to career management. The Lead Resource Person, Dr Peter Ogudoro who has a PhD in Career Management will facilitate the workshop for this. The session will cover how to write Personal Statements and engage Admission Officers of foreign universities in order to secure scholarship for undergraduate and postgraduate studies abroad

10. Public Relations Ethics and Media Law covering Privacy demands and how to write and speak in a result oriented way without running foul of the law 

The programme is practical oriented and offers a lot of opportunity for networking. You will find it very stimulating. It is a life time opportunity that will bring together talented young adults and experienced Management Practitioners and intellectuals who will prepare them for top leadership positions in Government, industrial, commercial and not-for-profit sectors. The programme is largely sponsored by PROFESSIONAL EXAMS CLINIC essentially for fresh graduates and current undergraduates in Nigerian universities and polytechnics as well as ambitious higher education aspirants coming on the platform of "Discovery for Youths", sponsored by King's Heritage Church. Their successful participation in the programme will enable them meet the requirements of multinational employers and clients they would like to work for. Limited spaces have been reserved for students of the various polytechnics and universities in Nigeria to ensure a good mix of participants from the various Geo-political zones in Nigeria so they can gain the social capital they need to give their careers wings and help in advancing their communities. To guarantee a space for yourself, make your booking early. Link for booking is available later on this page.

The specific uses of the programme include:

1. Membership of The Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR) which confers professional status on         you and helps you fulfill the law that requires you to be in Public Relations practice only if you have a         license to do so.

2.  Skill Acquisition for Graduate Employment, Dramatic Career Enhancement and Job Security

3.  Full-Time or Part-Time Consultancy Practice

4.  Self Fulfillment.

5.  Joining a rich global network of upwardly mobile professionals and Business Managers.

6. Acquisition of a Professional Diploma which will enhance your chances for higher education including         studies abroad. A special arrangement has been made to enable you write the relevant exam and obtain the professional Diploma immediately after the boot-camp. This will save you the about two years and the large sum of money it takes to prepare for and write this exam successfully.

It is a blended training programme meaning that the participants will learn via both online and face to face platforms.  It will be an intensive learning experience for ambitious individuals. Apply only if you are focused and determined to achieve financial security through diligent effort.

3. The Lead Resource Person
The Lead Resource Person is Peter Ogudoro,PhD, a Higher Education Access Researcher & Facilitator, Career Strategist, and Development Communicator who is Nigeria's Leading Public Relations Trainer. He is based in the United Kingdom. Dr Ogudoro will be available in Nigeria to lead the faculty for the programme. His full profile is available here. Other resource persons for the programme include employers and regulators of Business and professional Marketing Communication practitioners in Nigeria.

4. Who Should Attend?       

I.  Graduates and undergraduates of any discipline (including Engineering, Arts, Humanities, Law, Science, Medicine, Social Science, and Business) wishing to become Masters of Result-Oriented Communication, Negotiation, and Stakeholder Management to enable them achieve their goals and gain financial security

II.   Aspiring Young Public Relations Officers in a public or private or not-for-profit organization     

III.  Journalists who wish to move into Management and Public Relations practice   

IV.  Administrators and Secretaries   

V.  Front Desk Officers     

VI.   People playing Communication or Customer Relations roles in schools and religious organizations   

VII.   Spouses of People playing significant leadership roles 

VIII.   Any individual interested in acquiring Public Relations/Professional Communication/Customer Service skills for improved effectiveness on the job and to enhance their chances for advancement in the organization’s they work for

IX.   People who wish to acquire entrepreneurship skills to enable them run globally competitive and profitable businesses   

X.     Graduates and undergraduates who wish to secure well-paying jobs in an increasingly challenging economic environment     

XI.      People who wish to secure a professional credential for admission into a higher educational institution   

XII.      People who wish to acquire skills that can enable them improve troubled relationships for example with friends, spouses, fiancés, customers and other stakeholders 

XIII.      Extroverts who wish to moderate their exuberance in pursuit of balance, an essential trait for effective leadership

XIV.     Introverts who desire to moderate their isolationist tendencies so they can effectively reach out to others and utilize opportunities in their environment

XV.     People just curious about human nature, public speaking and how to influence people and form movements

You can complete an online form here to secure a space for yourself.

5. The Training Fee- Pay only 28% of the Regular Fee if you are a Young Scholar.
The regular charge for this training programme is Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand naira (N250,000). 72% of that amount is available to you as scholarship. You are to pay only 28% of it which is Seventy Thousand Naira (N70,000). The commercial value of the programme runs into Millions of naira. The programme delivers much more than certificate. The deadline for registration for the programme including full payment for it is April 20, 2018. This scholarship scheme is meant for only individuals who cannot afford the regular charge for the training. The alternative class which offers the same training costs about 4 times more. Text your 1. full name, 2. telephone number, and 3. email address to 08023249654 immediately after making your full payment so that a place can be reserved for you. Complete the online form here immediately so we can add you to the list of prospective participants and accommodate you in the plans for the programme. When completing the online form, select 'Young Scholars Programme' under "Programme Desired". Call 08023249654 if you have any challenge that may prevent you from taking advantage of this programme to guarantee a fulfilling career for yourself. It is a one-off 72% sponsored opportunity.


For security and efficiency reasons, we do not accept cash payments in our office. Make all payments into First Bank of Nigeria PLC Account No.2001386194 in favour of Ogudoro Leadership Trainers and Management Consultants who are the Project Managers . You can make payment at any First Bank of Nigeria branch in Nigeria or via a transfer to the bank account stated above. It is important that your name is indicated as the Depositor even when another person makes the payment on your behalf. Keep all your payment slips and exchange them for a receipt on the first day of your programme. Call 08023249654 or  08183208253 if you have any question.

7. The Exam

The exam will be conducted by Business Education Examinations Council. The council will charge you Thirty Thousand Naira (N30,000) to allow you to write the exam and award you the Professional Diploma if you are successful. Writing the exam is optional. The programme primarily aims at equipping you with the knowledge and skills you need to secure gainful employment and run a successful business of your own. The training will expose you to how you can easily fund the exam if you would like to write it and earn the Professional Diploma.

8. Venue for the Programme

4, Talabi Street, Off Adeniyi Jones Avenue (Vulcanizer Bus Stop), Ikeja, Lagos. Participants from outside Lagos may wish to ask their friends or relatives to accommodate them for that short period or lodge in any of the cheap hotels from where they can walk to the training venue. Creche services are available in nearby schools for nursing mothers who may wish to bring their babies along.

9. Minimum Requirement for enrollment

Credit in English Language earned through diligent self-effort. The class is made up of graduates and undergraduates of tertiary institutions who are using the platform to acquire cutting-edge skills in Public Relations and Business Management as well as mature adults who are yet to benefit from tertiary education but have relevant experience and the intellectual capacity to benefit from the training which will give them speedy access to career-enhancing credentials.

10. Training Time

Training starts at 10 am and ends at 5 pm except on Sundays when training starts at 1 pm and ends at 7 pm.

11. Contact

In the United Kingdom: Professional Exams Clinic, a division of Ogudoro Leadership Trainers & Management Consultants, 69 Lakeside, Earley, Reading RG6 7PG, UK

In Nigeria (February- April, 2018): You can receive free career counselling from Dr Peter Ogudoro at 4, Talabi Street, Off Adeniyi Jones Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria if you call 08023249654 or 08183208253 to book appointment. Call 08023249654  or  08183208253 if you have any questions. Secure your space here. You will find the journey a very rewarding one psychologically and materially. Dr Peter Ogudoro is looking forward to welcoming you to the class.