Public Relations Course for RCCG Members

1. Programme Objectives

The programme will equip the participants with the knowledge, and skills that will enable them to:

A.     Design, implement, monitor, and evaluate result-oriented Public Relations programmes for effective stakeholder engagement, member loyalty and sustained Church growth

B.     Nip in the bud issues that can result in crisis

C.     Collaborate with other Church units and members to organize reputation-enhancing events successfully

D.     Write relevant and result-oriented proposals and reports

E.     Help their local assemblies to maintain robust reputation and image that can promote the global mission of RCCG

F.       To introduce the participants to the curriculum for the professional certification examination in Public Relations and point them to the resources which will enable them prepare and sit for the examination successfully. This will be possible for both graduates and non-graduates of tertiary institutions who possess a minimum of 5 O’ Level credits including in English Language

2. Programme Content

I.     Communication Psychology

II.     Trends Monitoring and Analysis   

III.     Public Relations Theory and Practice

IV.    Public Relations Policy, Planning and Strategy   

V.     Events Management including innovative and ground-breaking approaches to the management of evangelism programmes     

VI.    Public Relations Ethics and Media Law   

VII.     Communication & Media Principles, Theories and Industry covering Speech Writing         and   Presentation as well as  how to prepare various media tools such as Press Release, Media Statement, Personality/Organization's profile, and Rejoinder

VIII.  Professional Issues and Crisis Management

IX.   Branding, 21st Century Marketing and Advertising

X.    Self Management for Global Competitiveness   

XI.     Public Relations System in Faith-based Organizations     

XII.    Professional Etiquette and Business Grooming

XIII.   Entrepreneurship, Networking and Social Capital Formation Principles

3. Responsibilities of Public Relations Officers After the Training-

In addition to what they can use the skills they will acquire to do for themselves, successful participants should be able to discharge the following responsibilities in the parishes they belong to after the training:

A.     Advising relevant leadership on reputation , image and communication issues

B.     Reminding relevant leadership of RCCG’s Public Relations and Communication Policy

C.     Using professional principles and ideas to lead stakeholder-engagement initiatives

D.     Designing, setting up and sustaining a result-oriented member communication system

E.     Liaising with headquarters (HQ) Public Relations for optimum communication results

F.       Workforce communication

G.     Community relations

H.     Social responsibility management

I.       Media relations leveraging on HQ Public Relations contacts

J.       Advising relevant leadership on how to get sponsorship for beneficial projects

K.     Events management

L.       Serving as the link between the relevant leadership and HQ Public Relations on Public Relations interventions

M.   Communicating with local stakeholders on relevant developments in the Church

N.     Helping local leaders to draft statements that may carry implications for the Church’s image and reputation

O.     Assisting relevant leadership to manage unsettling developments

P.     Helping relevant leadership to address peculiar communication challenges

Q.   Protocol Management

R.   Management of the Local Assembly's social media platforms

4. Method of Delivery

This will be a blended learning opportunity for the participants offering them relevant learning materials online and the chance to benefit from a six day intensive learning experience in a physical classroom. Role plays, lectures, assignments, discussions, presentations, case studies and guest interviews will be used to guarantee effective learning. The training will end with a social event, a project to be managed by participants to enable them test their professional Public Relations skills.

5. Date and Duration

The programme will be a two (2) day intensive learning Experience beginning on Thursday, March 29, 2018 and ending on Friday, March 30, 2018. Training will start at 9am and end at 5pm each day. Participants who prefer a weekend class will are to join an alternative class which will run from Saturday, March 31- Sunday, April 1, 2018.

6. Venue For The Training and Feeding Provisions

The Vantage Point, ACME Road, Ogba, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria (one minute walk from RCCG Region 19 Headquarters- Dominion Sanctuary). The training facility has the infrastructure for presentations, syndicate discussions, project work, and cocktail for networking purposes. Refreshment items will be served during Tea Break in the morning and lunch served in the afternoon.

7. Project Manager and Resource Persons

Ogudoro Leadership Trainers and Management Consultants have helped the Church to design this programme and will execute it. They are professional educators and trainers with over two decades of experience in the industry. The Pioneer and Outgoing Head of RCCG Media and Public Relations Unit and some of the Officers in the Unit are beneficiaries of some of the organization’s past capacity building programmes and career management service. The current project is meant to embed Public Relations in every facet and at every level of the Church.

The CEO of the Organization, Dr Peter Ogudoro will serve as the Programme Manager. He is an alumnus of the University of Reading, United Kingdom’s Graduate Institute of International Development and Applied Economics where he studied Communication for Innovation and Development. He holds a PhD in Education with emphasis on Attitudinal Change and Perception Management. Dr Ogudoro is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria and belongs to the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations, the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (UK) and the Public Relations Society of America among other professional bodies in the world.

He served the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations from 2010-2012 as Programme Administrator of the Institute’s Accelerated Certification Training (ACT) programme which provided opportunity for many unaccredited Public Relations practitioners in Nigeria to get certified for their jobs. He was Dean of Faculty for the training programme that enabled the Nigerian Police to train all their Public Relations Officers in 2013. He is an Education Consultant based in the United Kingdom and a member of the RCCG. Further information about his background is available here. To connect with him, click here.

Other senior pastors of the Church with relevant expertise including the current Head of the Church’s Media and Public Relations Unit as well as Christian academics and practitioners of Stakeholder Management and Entrepreneurship from both within and outside Nigeria will be among the resource persons. Five of the Church’s senior pastors will participate in a panel discussion to be moderated by the Programme Manager on the last day of the programme. The panel discussion will remind the participants of the Church’s doctrines and values and also provide them inspiration. Ten programme participants with the best evidence-based Church-growth project ideas will get awards on the occasion and assisted financially and through professional mentoring to implement their projects.

8. Funding

The standard fee per participant is Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira (N250, 000). The Faculty Leader, Dr Peter Ogudoro has, however, as a contribution to the growth efforts of the Church, written off 40% of the standard fee for the training for every participant nominated by the Church (RCCG). Each participant is therefore to pay only One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira (N150, 000) which is 60% of the standard training fee. This is a rare opportunity which the Church hopes to leverage on to help as many members as possible meet their personal needs and contribute maximally to Church growth.                                                                                              

Pastors In Charge of Regions and Pastors In Charge of Provinces are to ensure that at least one person participates from each parish under them and hold such beneficiaries accountable to the Church. This is to guarantee the realization of optimum benefits (from the programme) for the RCCG. Nominees who have the means can pay for themselves. Pastors In Charge of the various parishes are to, however, ensure that top talents with interest in Public Relations and committed to the actualization of the Church’s mandate are nominated. They are to, in consultation with relevant higher leadership fund the participation of members with talents in this field. As many parishioners as are interested in taking advantage of this training opportunity should be allowed to enrol for it. The knowledge and skills they will acquire from the programme will enable them resolve their personal employment, business, financial and career problems.  One of the major objectives of the programme is guarantee of financial security for all those who will benefit from it. Each parish is to, however, have at least one nominee who will return to assume official Public Relations position either on full time or volunteer basis. Any further explanations and advice needed on this can be obtained from:

The Programme Manager, Dr Peter Ogudoro on telephone number 08023249654.

9. Payment

All payments should be made in favour of the Organizers, Ogudoro Leadership Trainers and Management Consultants. Bank Certified Cheques, Drafts and Transfers to First Bank Account number 2001386194 in favour of the organizers are acceptable modes of payment. Please call 08023249654 if you have any question including on the possibility of payment in installment.

10. Licensing Examination

This will be conducted in July, 2018. Willingness to write the examination is not a requirement for participation in the training programme. The training is primarily a skill acquisition programme meant to serve the mutual interests of beneficiaries and the Church. The licencing examination is, however, recommended for those who can find the time to write it. The examination will last two days in December (9.30am – 5pm on each day). Success in the examination will permit the awardees to meet the legal requirement for professional Public Relations practice in Nigeria and later set up consultancies in the discipline if they choose to. The fee and date for the examination will be communicated to participants who express interest in it. The fee is unlikely to be more than Thirty Thousand Naira (N30, 000).

11. Who Can Attend?

I.   Parish Public Relations Officers       

II.   Protocol Officers     

III.  Parish Pastors and Heads of Parish departments   

IV. Evangelism team members   

V. Ushers     

VI.  Holy Police   

VII. Personal Assistants to People in Leadership Positions 

VIII. People in Media (& Engineering) Unit

IX. Parish Administrators/Secretaries

X. Parish Receptionists

XI.  People playing Communication/Customer Relations roles in schools owned/run by the Church

XII. Spouses of People playing leadership roles in Church

XIII. Any member interested in acquiring Public Relations/Professional Communication/Customer Service skills for improved effectiveness on the job and to enhance their chances for advancement in the organization’s they work for

XIV. People who wish to acquire entrepreneurship skills to enable them run globally competitive and profitable business  

XV.  Graduates and undergraduates who wish to secure well-paying jobs in an increasingly challenging economic environment     

XVI.    People who wish to secure a professional credential for admission into a higher educational institution   

XVII.   People who wish to acquire skills that can enable them improve troubled relationships for example with friends, spouses, fiancés, customers and other stakeholders 

XVIII.  Extroverts who wish to moderate their exuberance in pursuit of balance, an essential trait for effective leadership

XIX. Introverts who desire to moderate their isolationist tendencies so they can effectively reach out to others and utilize opportunities in their environment

XX.  People just curious about human nature, public speaking and how to influence people and form movements       

XXI. All unemployed members of the Church desiring gainful employment and financial security

12. Registration

Nominees are to complete an online form at after making payment for their participation. Deadline for Registration is Friday, August 25, 2017. Access to pre-class materials will be possible as from Monday, July 31, 2017. Early registration is therefore encouraged for optimum learning.

13. Contact/Inquiry

(Speak with Opeyemi Titiloye) Church Growth Desk, Holy Ghost Congress Office, Redemption Camp, RCCG, Ibadan Expressway, Ogun State (desk open from 9am to 4pm, Monday to Friday). It is advisable to call 08023249654 to book for an appointment slot so you can be attended to within one minute of your arrival and not wait in a queue. We do our best to meet the needs of nominees which are communicated to the Project Desk on telephone. This saves prospective participants in our programmes traveling time.

Telephone: If you would like to speak with the Programme Manager, Dr Peter Ogudoro or have any relevant question answered, please call +234(0)8023249654



14. Tips for Communicating This Opportunity To Members

A.     Mention it in the Church bulletin and encourage members to sign up for it, providing the website address-

B.     Call attention to it during announcements in Church services

C.     Provide information on it on the parish website (include the web link-

D.     Let members know about it through emails, text messages, and social media posts

E.     Advise prospective participants and inquirers to speak with Project Manager on telephone number 08023249654

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Making only Promises You Can Deliver
People participating in the RCCG Public Relations training programme beginning September 11, 2017 will get the details as an extra benefit coming from the programme. Information on the programme has been provided above.
Peter Ogudoro speaking at the 2011 Redeemed Christian Church of God Holy Ghost Congress He presented tips for exceptional performance which included information on the maintenance of excellent health

Dr Peter Ogudoro speaking at the Redeemed Christian Church of God Holy Ghost Congress. He presented tips on exceptional performance which included information on maintenance of excellent health. Call 08023249654 if you would like him to speak at your event. He speaks on a variety of topics including Attitudinal Change Management, Perception Management, Parenting, Harmonious Family, Conflict Resolution, Raising Smart Kids, Personal Effectiveness and Career Management. For his full profile and the other topics he would be happy to speak on, please click here.