Peter Ogudoro

If you are committed to resolving your employment problem, carefully read this material to the end and take the steps prescribed in the article. Being in a satisfying employment is a legitimate aspiration any one can have. This is because job brings more than material reward to an individual. The respect a good job position attracts can boost one’s self esteem and enhance the stability of one’s marriage and for the single person, a respectable job can improve one’s chances of attracting value-adding friends and provide the right network that can bring further joy generating opportunities. In the absence of a good job, the individual who lacks the right level of self esteem, may go into depression and if the situation lingers, may become a problem not only to himself/herself but also to the larger society.

Who should take the blame if you don’t have the job you believe you deserve? Our natural tendency is to blame everyone but ourselves when we get into any difficulty. Psychologists call this disposition, external locus of control. It is, however, easier for us to solve our problems when we take responsibility for the experiences we are going through. This way, we are able to step outside of our problems and understand why we are where we are and find the way out of difficult situations. This is internal locus of control. It is easier for us to change our strategies and ways than to change others including employers and their current practices. The way forward for a job seeker is therefore an evaluation of one’s knowledge and skills as well as attitudes vis a vis the kind of job and employer one is looking for as well as the job search strategies being employed. As you do this, it is important that you respect the law of average and worry less about some people who are inferior to you in skill but have been blessed with what you may describe as good jobs. Time and chance will always have their way in the affairs of men but if you face the facts that you see, you will recognize that the following among others are true though there may be exceptions:

1.    People who finish at the top of their classes tend to get jobs faster than those who leave school with less admirable grades and skills.

2.    Individuals with more relations and friends in employment tend to find jobs faster.

3.    People who trained in America and Britain get into employment in Nigeria faster than those who trained within the country.

4.    People who ask more people for help tend to find job faster than those who don’t.

5.    People who do more volunteer job than others tend to have an edge in job search.

6.    Individuals who are loved more in the community because of their friendly attitude and honest disposition tend to find help of any kind faster than those who lack those qualities.

7.    Job seekers who possess excellent information and communication technology skills and with the ability to use word, excel, power point, and graphics well are seldom unemployed.

8.    Individuals with excellent writing, presentation, and people skills are usually in employment.

9.    Individuals with professional certifications are usually “luckier” than those who don’t have professional certifications.

10. People with international certifications tend to be “luckier” than those who don’t have such certifications. Make the sacrifice to acquire one.

11.Those with work experience tend to have an edge over those who don’t have work experience.

12.Those who widen their search net to include firms outside of the banking, oil, and telecommunication industries tend to be engaged faster than those who insist on those industries.

13.Those who demonstrate the willingness to start small tend to be engaged faster than those who want to build their houses from the roof.

14.Those who are positive minded and match it with the right actions tend to accomplish more in life than those who indulge in naive optimism, ignore the facts and hope for the best just because they believe in the God of miracles when they are not doing anything concrete to advance themselves. The something for nothing mentality seldom produces the desired result.

15.People who are competent in calculations tend to be “luckier” than those who are poor in numeracy skills when aptitude test results are released.

16.Those who are current with respect to issues in the business environment, are able to express themselves clearly in English Language, creative, and possess interview skills generally do better in job selection processes and in running their own businesses (see for help).

17.Those who invest in continuous professional development and belong to rich networks are seldom out of job.

18.Those who have become experts in their fields are hunted by competing employers and they tend to change jobs regularly and earn very good incomes. As a Professor of Education, David Durosaro observed recently, "what you know determines what you are capable of doing. It is what you know more than others that keeps you ahead of them. In any group of people, whoever can absorb, integrate and apply the greatest amount of essential information will eventually dominate all others in the group."

19.Prayerful, godly and action oriented people are usually on top of any situation they find themselves in. When life hits them with lemon, they use it to make lemonade.

20.People who try new ideas and ways of doing things tend to be “luckier” than those who rely on what they think they know to shoot down change (see .


Finding a job is easy even in the face of millions of people in Nigeria who don’t have jobs. If you dispassionately evaluate yourself on the foregoing criteria and take immediate systematic actions on the outcome, and you add patience to it, you will write me soon to confirm that life can truly be enjoyed. Visit for a short duration skill acquisition programme that can help you to intelligently fix all the issues identified here so that you become the beautiful bride every employer wants to engage. Waiting until you secure “a good job” before you take this step would amount to placing the cart before the horse. It seldom works. This is a tested and proven process. Take this step no matter your discipline. The information and skills you will acquire in only 9 days are relevant to all professions and employment situations without exception. So go to now to learn more and overcome your employment challenge. If you would want a scholarship support for professional certification, visit  You have the capacity to do the right things that will change your circumstance for good. Choose to start now. Contact me via when you have made it and helped at least one person with this information. It will be better if you carry your friends along by sending them this link via a broadcast on your facebook page. May this result in your breakthrough. The issues raised here have been expanded along with other matters bordering on personal effectiveness by the author in his two digital books available at Amazon.



Peter Ogudoro is a Professional Counsellor, educationist, and development consultant who trained at the Graduate Institute of International Development and Applied Economics of the University of Reading, England. He is the author of Right Thinking Right Actions, and Success Mindset. The books are available at Amazon.