If you want to use the credential you obtained from a professional body or polytechnic to secure direct university admission for further studies, please click here. 

You are also welcome to the Accelerated Certification Training Programme in PUBLIC RELATIONS, your great opportunity to get Chartered in Public Relations within a few weeks. The programme enables you to kill many birds with one stone. You acquire world-class skills, get both academic and professional qualifications and join a rich network that has the capacity to give your career wings. Enrollment for the training  is in progress. All University and Polytechnic graduates and undergraduates are welcome. 

You are equally welcome if you have only School Certificate/GCE provided you are a serious minded and focused person.

 The training covers areas such as

1. Communication Psychology,

2. Research/Trends Analysis, Policy, Planning & Strategy,

3.Branding, 21st Century Marketing  & Advertising,

4.Public Relations Theory & Practice, and

5. Communicating for Dramatic Results.

Membership of the class grants you access to

PRNetwork, a rich network on LinkedIn which will support your career and give you a global perspective to professional issues while ensuring that you access opportunities from around the world. Click


 to learn more about the programme and secure a space.

Batch 1 class in pictures

The learning is delivered with practical illustrations and in an environment of comfort.



for the details of the programme. For the Young Scholars' Boot-Camp, click here